Längst Blend #3

Side Project Brewing is excited to announce the release of Längst Blend #3! Here’s a little info about this unique beer from Cory:

I’ve always been a lover of malty, low bitterness beers so the Adambier, although rare, has always intrigued and inspired me. When I began Side Project and had the ability to brew whatever I wanted, I chose the Adambier early on to add to our rotation of Spirit Barrel-Aged Beers. 

Längst is our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Adambier. This beer is inspired by one of my favorite beers ever - Hair of the Dog Adam. Adam was the first beer that I had that was bottled still, an elegance enjoyed so much, we incorporated it in our "Candles" beers and inspired the low carbonation of most of our Stouts and Barleywines. 

Längst was first brewed exclusively for and named by The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis. Conceptualized after researching, learning and drinking as many examples of the style as I could, I developed a recipe that I felt represented this traditional style, but also had the Side Project thumbprint on it. A little bigger, more robust, while allowing the barrel to be the star and conditioning to a very mild carbonation level, Längst represents our interpretation of this old-world beer.

This third blend was aged for 18 months in 6 year old Buffalo Trace Barrels before every barrel was tasted and a final blend was melded to present to you. I have found the barrels from the Buffalo Trace distillery to be my preference for this beer and our Anabasis line. Their integration with our malty (not stout) beers provides the last ingredient to pull these beers together and be called Side Project. 

Thank you again for your support of Side Project and our most "traditional" Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer! Hope to see all of you very soon! 

So! On Wednesday, May 19th at 10:00 am CST, we will have Längst packages (with Raspberry Bière du Pays) available for reservation and pick-up! There will be no limit on these packages. You or your proxy will have 14 days to pick up your order at the Brewery. 

Thank you all once again for all of your support of our tiny, niche brewery. We love making our take on styles, even ones as obscure as the Adambier, and seeing you enjoy them! We will be back open very soon and cannot wait until we can see you enjoying our beers at our places! 

Cheers and thank you from the entire Side Project Team...