Blueberry Flanders Blend #3


A beer in which we rarely produce, we are happy to announce just the third release of Blueberry Flanders!

Fermented and aged in a 70hL upright French Oak Foedre from one of our Napa Valley Cabernet producing friends, the base for Blueberry Flanders rested, solera-method style, for more than 4 years before being racked to a horizontal Missouri Oak Foedre with more than 4000lbs of Oregon Blueberries. After several months of re-fermentation and maturing, we bottled this beer and allowed it to naturally condition in its bottle for more than 7 months before tasting and confirming that it is ready to share with you. 

Missouri Flanders Red-Inspired Ale Aged with Blueberries.

ABV: 6%   |   375mL & 750mL available

You and/or a proxy will have 14 days from the time of purchase to pickup this beer.

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