Pulling Nails Blend #12


Blended Missouri Wild Ale with Black Raspberries and Cherries

Pulling Nails is an ongoing experiment in the art of blending to create sour and wild ales of extraordinary depth, complexity and balance. Blend #12 is the union of a Frederiskdal Cherry Wine Barrel fermented Spontaneous Ale, a Missouri Cherry Saison, a Black Raspberry Wild Ale and our Coexpressionalism base, which was then blended and naturally conditioned in this bottle for several months before its release.

Blend # 12 used Blend # 8 as a guide for reeling in our balance of fruit, funk and acidity. We used an experimental Black Raspberry Wild Ale blended with a Cherry Saison and balanced them with the depth and complexity of a spontaneously fermented Cherry Wine Barrel beer and our Coexpressionalism base. The result is jammy and fruit-forward with purposeful tartness and layers of funk and depth.⁣

ABV: 6%

You and/or a proxy will have 14 days from the time of purchase to pickup this beer.